The feather is sold in Hungary and abroad.

At the present my father is a pensioner, but still manages and controls the work of his plant.
I have taken part in the work beside him since Iím 14, I grew up in it.
In consideration of him, I established my company, with the name of Felícia-Feder Kft.
(Felícia is the name of the first big machine).

Our activities:

  • Duck,
  • Goose,
  • Secondhand buying and processing of feather and flakes.

We bought he feather from pickers. After the purchasing the feather goes into the sorter. From the sorter it is filled into bales. After that the bales are pressed and tied. The feather is sold in this condition.

My distant plans:

I would like to fulfil the requirements of our clients,  furthermore to continue my fatherís work with the company.





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