About ourselves


My name is Kálmán Rostás Jr. My father, Kálmán Rostás, worked as a feather-purchaser of the State Farmland of Városföld during the sixties. He became self-employed in 1989 and he started his solo feather-purchasing and feather-processing industry.

In the beginning he worked by his own with his own-made four-chamber machine.
Later on the machine had proved to be small to the required capacity and the space as well. Thus he bought a plant at 16. Táncsics street, in Orosháza. 

In his new plant employees helped his work on a 5 chamber machine.
It did not fulfil his requirements so in order to extend his activity he started to make pillows and duvet.
Because of this reason, obviously, more the feather was needed,  so he bought another sorter-machine.
The duvet making required the cleaning of the feathers, so it was necessary to put in a washingmachine for feathers. We also took our part in building and assembling of the machine.